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Africa's Hunters 1

12.08.2018 12.08. klo 06:15
päättyy klo 07:00 // kesto 45 min
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Kamuti is a wise old leopard. She's reigned over two square miles of prime territory in the Luangwa Valley for ten years. But now she's in trouble. At thirteen years old, Kamuti is one of the oldest leopards in the African bush, and she's not as effective a hunter as she used to be. Kamuti's problems are compounded by her neighbours, the Nsefu pride of lions, who steal her kills and attack her on sight. The film follows Kamuti over three days as she struggles to find a meal, while trying to avoid her neighbours from hell. As well as Kamuti's daytime struggles, a revolutionary thermal camera allows us to see in the dark and reveals the secret world of these enigmatic, nocturnal predators.


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