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Monster Fish 3

16.04.2019 16.04. klo 01:30
päättyy klo 02:20 // kesto 50 min

Fish biologist and conservation expert, Zeb Hogan, travels to Thailand on a mission to uncover why this country is home to so many giant freshwater fish species.12 On the surface this tropical paradise would seem like a fish haven, but trouble is brewing. The conditions in Thailand are so perfect that it is enticing breeders to raise foreign species3, and here they are able to thrive, grow and breed on their own. This could mean trouble for Thailands native fish. and its not the only thing that is causing their decline. To get the answers to his mission Zeb travels across Thailand to identify as many of the countrys monster fish species as possible, both native and foreign, assess their status in the wild and meet the locals who can help these giants survive, but at what cost?


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